Info about coaches

Our top quality coaches are recruited from all over the world. Each of our coaches comes to us with a world of experience in both playing and coaching at all levels - with their diverse methods and breadth of experience, our coaches are eager to teach each participant something new.

With Child Protection being key to a successful and enjoyable camp for everyone we ensure that all of our coaches are thoroughly CRB checked, both in their home country and here in the UK. Upon arrival in the UK they also attend a child protection workshop hosted by Sports Coach UK.
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Info for coaches

Socious Sports employ professional coaches from all over the world. As part of our team you will have the opportunity to experience the UK as something more than just a tourist.

Each week you will live in a new town with a new family, giving you the chance to enjoy the same diversity they will experience through you and your coaching. See our testimonials page for comments from previous coaches.

You will also get to meet a variety of coaches from other nations and sports, each as passionate about their sport as you are yours

If you would like to receive more information or an application form please contact us.